About Huayang

A innovation-based enterprise mainly engaged in the production, sales and service of new polymer materials,

engineering plastics, nylon plastic parts and polyester yarn. 

Corporate Culture

Huayang's mission

Through long-term relationship, we provide customized services of polyamide 66 products for selected customers, thus making Huayang Nylon become the best place for customers to follow and for employees to develop their career.

Enterprise spirit

Professional, responsible, dedicated, win-win

Enterprise tenet

Integrate the individual pursuit of employees into the long-term development of the enterprise

Enterprise objective

Reduce costs, activate capital, and people-centered

Business philosophy

Doing solid work with skills, making the best use of everything, and letting everyone give full play to his talents

Development policy

Seek internal unity、Seek external development、Improve management、Optimize services

Value talents、Establish brands、 Do solid work、Create brilliance

Enterprise values

 Be prepare for danger in time of safety; Check erroneous ideas at the outset; Continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise