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Production process of plastic film

Plastic film production process: There are various methods for forming and processing plastic films, such as calendaring, casting, blow molding, and stretching. Biaxially oriented films have become the focus of attention in recent years. In the future, the biaxial stretching technology will develop more toward special functional films, such as thick film stretching, thin film stretching, and multi-layer co-extrusion stretching. In recent years, in response to the ever-increasing requirements of the packaging industry for packaging materials, various functional film markets have developed rapidly. Plastic film produced by biaxial stretching can effectively improve the tensile properties of the material (tensile strength is 3-5 times that of unstretched films), barrier properties, optical properties, heat and cold resistance, dimensional stability, thickness uniformity And other properties, and has the characteristics of fast production speed, large capacity, high efficiency, etc., the market is developing rapidly.