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Reinforced and toughened nylon PA66

Jiangsu Huayang Nylon Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise focusing on the production, sales and service of new polymer materials, engineering plastics, nylon plastic parts and polyester yarn. Huayang nylon has many large-scale production bases in the local area.

Key words: nylon 66 slice | engineering modified plastics | nylon cable ties

Detailed parameters



·Natural color, 30% fiberglass reinforced and toughened
·Excellent comprehensive mechanical performance



·Aviation and metallurgical fields
·The automotive industry
·Engineering/Industrial Accessories


Typical properties

Properties Test method Test condition S.I.
Typical Values
Physical property
Filler content ISO3451   % 30
Specific gravity ISO1183 23℃  g/cm³ 1.34
Mold shrinkage ISO294 23℃ % 0.3-0.6
Water absorption ISO62 23℃,24h
% 0.7
Mechanical property
Tensile strength ISO527 5mm/min MPa 135
Flexural strengt ISO178 2mm/min MPa 260
Flexural modulus ISO178 2mm/min MPa 8050
Impact strength,notched ISO179 23℃  kJ/m² 16.5
Impact strength,unnotched ISO179 23℃  kJ/m² 68
Thermal property
Heat Distortion Temp ISO75 1.80MPa    ℃ 249
Flammability UL94 CLASS   HB
Surface resistivity IEC60093   Ω.cm 1015

Note:The above data are typical, as reference only


Processing Conditions

Barrel Zone Temp Rear 270℃ 260-280°℃
Center 280℃ 270-290℃
Front 290℃ 280-310℃
Mold Temp 60℃ 65-90℃
Processing Temp.Limit 315℃
Injection Speed Medium to high speed
Injection Pressure 50-100MPa
Packing pressure 30-50MPa
Packing time 1-5S
Pre-Dry Requirements 90-120℃,4-6h

The above data is for reference only for injection molding machines. The above process can be adjusted appropriately according to different models, molds, and product requirements.


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