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Enterprise culture

Huayang Nylon

Huayang Mission

Through long-term relationships, we provide customized services for selected customers with polyamide 66 products, thus making Huayang Nylon a place where customers are willing to follow and staff career development.

Huayang Nylon

spirit of enterprise

Professional, responsible, pay, win-win

new melting plastic material

Enterprise purpose

Integrate the personal pursuit of employees into the long-term development of the enterprise

Huayang Nylon

Enterprise Objectives

Reduce costs, activate capital, people-oriented

Huayang Nylon

Business philosophy

Practical work and skillful work, make the best use of everything and make the best use of people.

Huayang Nylon

enterprise development

Seek unity within, seek development outside, improve management and optimize service.
Emphasize talent, create brand, work hard and make brilliant