Huayang Nylon is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the production, sales and service of nylon 66 chips, engineering plastics, nylon cable ties, and polyester sewing threads ...

Product description

Polyhexamethylene adipamide is also known as PA66, nylon 66, NY66 for short.

The products are widely used in the fields of nylon cable ties, connectors, automobile parts, circuit breaker housing, adhesive tape, carpet, airbag, tire cord fabric and so on.

The products corresponding to this brand are mainly used for modification, such as reinforced nylon, toughened nylon, flame retardant nylon, etc.


Jiangsu Huayang nylon 66 chip performance index

Project Unit Standard Test Grade
physical&chemical properties
relative viscosity   QB 2.70±0.03
-NH2 Meq/kg QB 48±3
-COOH Meq/kg QB 65±4
Black specks % QB ≤0.015
water content mg/kg GB/12006.2-89 excellent ≤2480
Mechanical properties
tensile strength Mpa ISO527 81
tensile modulus Gpa ISO527 2.8
elongation,at bread % ISO527 40
flexural strength MPa ISO178 140
flexural modulus GPa ISO178 3
charpy impact strenth KJ/m2 ISO179 Constantly
charpy notched impact strength KJ/m2 ISO179 7.1
izod notched impact strength KJ/m2 ISO180 6.3
thermal properties
melt flow rate g/10min ISO1133 50+-5
melting range DSC 264
heat deflection temperature ISO75 80
coefficient of linear expansion 1/℃ GB/T1036 5.2
flammability   UL94 V-2
volume resistivity Ω·m GB/T1410 5.0×1013
dielectric strength Kv/mm GB/T1408 23

Jiangsu Huayang Nylon Quality Inspection Department

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