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Nylon 610 Slices


Jiangsu Huayang Nylon Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise focusing on the production, sales and service of new polymer materials, engineering plastics, nylon plastic parts and polyester yarn. Huayang nylon has many large-scale production bases in the local area.

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Detailed parameters


Technical Data Sheet

PA610 General Purpose Resin

Product Information

Name: Polyamide /Nylon 610 Resin

CAS: 9008-66-6

Product Description

PA610 is a bio-based nylon resin, which not only has the properties of normal nylon PA66 (good mechanical strength, toughness,abrasion resistance, surface lubricity, oil resistance, gas barrier, excellent flowability and formability), but also has low density andwater absorption, good low temperature performance, strong alkali resistance and salt resistance. The water absorption of PA610 is lower than that of PA66 and PA6 (only about 30% of PA6). PA610 is more resistant to normal weak acids than PA66 and PA6.

Product Safety

Description of first aid measures


Move to fresh air in case of accidental inhalation of vapours or decomposition products.

Skin Contact

No special technical protective measures are necessary.

Eye Contact

Not an expected route of exposure. Immediate medical attention is not required.


Not an expected route of exposure. If swallowed, call a poison control centre or physician immediately.

Special Hazard

Thermal decomposition can lead to release of irritating and toxic gases and vapours

Typical Applications

PA610 is suitable for compounding and injection moulding. It is also widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile and tractor as gear, bearing, gasket, sealing material, oil container, oil pipeline, textile machinery parts, rope, bristle wire, silver zinc battery case, etc.

Guidelines for Molding

Our nylon 610 resins arrive packaged in moisture-protected containers. If you didn’t open the original package prior to use, then drying is not necessary. However, if drying is necessary for using the opened package, we recommend that the drying temperature is 80-100 ℃; and the longest time is 5 hours.

The recommended melt temperature is 230 ℃ to 260 ℃. Nylon 610 resin is easy to decompose under too high temperature, and then decrease product properties.

Maintain mould surface temperature in range of 60 ℃ ~ 90 ℃. We recommend the temperature on the high end. Under low temperature nylon 610 resin flows worse, bad or defect appearance, shrinkage of the moulded part.

Hold pressure time should be set until the gate freezes.

As to get high performance of the moulded part, we recommend no use or less regrind material mixed with virgin resin, the ratio is less than 20%. Regrind must be dry when moulded. The preferred procedure is to grind and reuse immediately after moulding, otherwise regrind shows significant property loss.


The typical parameters in the TDS is to detect based on relevant standards, as a reference for customers to choose products, which does not mean that the commitment of Huayang Nylon on performance indicators.

Huayang Nylon reserves the right to revise this manual without prior notice; if necessary, please ask us for the latest version.

Typical Parameters

yiscosity ml/g ISO 307    120
NH2 Meg/kg QB  
COOH Meg/kg QB  
Black specks % QB  
water content mg/kg GB/12006.2-89  
Mechanical properties      
tensile strength Mpa ISO527 57
elongation at break % ISO527 14.2
flexural strength MPa ISO178 56
lexural modulus MPa ISO178 1230
charpy impact strenth KJ/m² ISO179 NB
charpy notched impact strength KJ/m² ISO179 6
zod notched impact strength KJ/m² SO180 7
thermal properties      
melt flow rate g/10min SO1133 18
melting range DSC 216.1
heat deflection temperature ISO 75(0.45MPa) 140

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