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Bisphenol A and PC start ramping up mode! PA6 rebounds and rises! BASF: China is the main market for the production and research and development of polyamides!

Recently, in the park of BASF (China) Co., Ltd. located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the BASF "Characteristic Materials Asia Pacific Engineering Plastic Innovation Center Product Development and Component Testing Laboratory" was officially unveiled. The reporter learned on site that this is after BASF completed the acquisition of Solvay Polyamide (PA6.6) business in January this year, and then integrated its related research and development centers.


It is reported that BASF plans to integrate the Solvay R&D center into its existing R&D facilities in Shanghai, China and Seoul, South Korea, in order to enhance its R&D capabilities, enhance its position as a solution supplier, and develop advanced material solutions for key industries.


China remains our main polyamide market, and after the merger, the production and research and development of polyamides in China will expand. "Long Zhiqiang, Global Vice President of BASF's Asia Pacific Specialty Materials Department, said in an interview with reporters that after BASF completes its acquisition of Solvay's polyamide business, it can better serve customers and the market in China. He revealed that after the merger and acquisition, China accounted for over 50% of the acquired polyamide business, and the annual production of polyamide will also increase from 120000 tons to 170000 tons, becoming the largest polyamide factory in the Asia Pacific region of the enterprise.


We will continue to promote innovation and overall research and development, merging polyamide research and development capabilities with BASF's global research and development network, achieving a synergistic effect of 1+1>2. "Long Zhiqiang said that in the second and third quarters of this year, BASF's performance gradually recovered, and the merged Solvay's polyamide business will have a significant positive impact on BASF. It is expected that the overall performance this year will be better than last year.

Price adjustment dynamics

The transaction status of Mosu Trading Platform, PA6 universal price index: 11285 yuan/ton, an increase of 158 yuan/ton compared to the previous trading day; PA6 low viscosity price index: 11225 yuan, an increase of 150 yuan/ton compared to the previous trading day; PA66 universal price index: 27600 yuan/ton, an increase of 334 yuan/ton compared to the previous trading day!


quotations  analysis

The main performance of PA6 market prices is rebound and increase; The market price of PA66 shows a slowing upward trend; The main manifestation of PC market prices is a significant increase; The main performance of ABS market prices is to continue to rise; The POM market price is mainly characterized by stable consolidation. It is expected that the price fluctuation in the engineering plastic market will be the main trend today!


Market trend:

The transaction situation of Mosu Trading Platform shows that the price of PA6 in the market is mainly reflected in a rebound and rise. The quotation of aggregation factories in the market has been partially increased; The price of raw material cyclohexanone has increased, with some support in the cost aspect. The focus of merchants' quotations has shifted upwards, while downstream demand remains high; According to the transaction data of Mosu Network platform, it is expected that the PA6 market price will rise slightly today!


Market trend:

The transaction situation on the Mosu Trading Platform shows that the market price of PA66 is mainly showing a slowing upward trend. In the market, the prices of aggregation factories and cargo holders are stable and improving; Low prices are difficult to find on the market, and some merchants' offers are still rising; The prices of products on the platform vary with the market. According to the transaction data of Mosu Network platform, it is expected that the market price of PA66 will be strong and upward today!

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