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Environmental Information Disclosure Form for Enterprises and Institutions

Environmental Information Disclosure Form for Enterprises and Institutions

1、 Basic Information 2. Discharging Information Note: The total emissions of the receiving enterprise are calculated based on the emission concentration at the discharge outlet. The approved total emissions refer to the emissions approved by the environmental protection department. 3、 Construction and Operation of Pollution Prevention and Control Facilities 4. Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects and Other Environmental Protection Administrative Permits 5. Emergency Plan for Sudden Environmental Events 6. Environmental Self Monitoring Plan 1. Basic Information (1) Enterprise Overview Jiangsu Huayang Nylon Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the production, sales, and service of polymer new materials, engineering plastics, nylon plastic parts, and polyester yarn. Huayang nylon

Huayang Nylon's annual employee activities begin!

Huayang Nylon uses its own unique production technology and technology to develop and produce five series of independent intellectual property rights products such as nylon 66 chips, nylon reinforced toughened chips, nylon cable ties, polyester sewing threads, and polyester sewing threads. Automotive, high-speed rail, clothing, industrial packaging and other industries.

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Since its establishment, Huayang Nylon has always focused on technological development and independent innovation. Currently, it has a research and development team led by a young team. At the same time, it has also set up industry-university-research internship bases with many well-known universities and established well-known domestic and foreign enterprises Long-term technical cooperation relationship.

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